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Mariam Boyd Elementary School

203 Cousin Lucy’s Lane
Warrenton, NC 27589

phone: 252-257-3695

fax: 252-257-0163

Mariam Boyd Elementary School

Mariam Boyd School's faculty and staff are committed to providing a comprehensive and balanced educational program for all students.

2011-12 Mariam Boyd Elementary School Report Card

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Our Principal's Message

“Making It Count!"

Welcome to the Mariam Boyd Elementary School where everybody counts! At Mariam Boyd, we are committed to excellence and our students make us continually proud as they learn, mature and become good citizens. The energy, intelligence, and sense of caring that characterize the school is phenomenal. We are an open and welcoming community of learners, which seeks to reveal the goodness and potential within each individual. We believe that the Mariam Boyd experience provides students with unparalleled opportunities for personal growth.

Our school’s faculty strives to help students become young men and young women of character who are self-motivated, intellectually curious, reflective, and articulate. At Mariam Boyd, our students develop the confidence and courage necessary to build a better world. We invite all stakeholders to join us in a partnership that embraces innovative strategies, exploring new ideas, and sharing a love of learning. Children excel when parents, teachers and communities work together. There are many ways to get involved at our school including classroom volunteers, reading/math tutors, membership on our Title I and School Improvement committees, PTA, Burger King nights, End of Grade Lunch & Learn sessions, Fall Festival, and many other school-wide activities. We look forward to working with you this school year. Please feel free to contact the office if you have any questions. Visit our classrooms often and join us in the joy of learning!

, Mariam Boyd Elementary School

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1)2014-15 Supply List (99.89 KB)
Grades 3, 4 and 5
2)2014-15 Supply List (117.27 KB)
Ms. Alston, Ms. Barnette & Ms. Taylor
3)2014-15 Supply List (Spanish) (13.48 KB)
Lista de Utiles Escolares - (Alston, Barnette, and C. Taylor)
4)2014-15 Supply List (Spanish) (27.21 KB)
Pre-K-2 Lista de Suministros
5)2014-15 Supply List (118.01 KB)
Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten, First and Second Grades
6)After School Program Policies (15.58 KB)
7)Mariam Boyd Elementary School Mission Statement (7.71 KB)
8)Control of MRSA In Schools (2.01 MB)
NC Public Health Recommendations
9)Afterschool Program Emergency & Release Form (10.98 KB)
10)2014-15 Supply List (Spanish) (26.66 KB)
3 Grado, 4 Grado y 5 grado

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