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Mrs. Renee Mizelle

Vaughan Elementary School Principal Mrs. Renee Mizelle is honored as Warren County Schools' Principal of the Year. From Left to Right: Mr. Calvin Jones, WCS Board Member, Mrs. Renee Mizelle, Principal of the Year, Mrs. Roberta Scott, WCS Board Member and Dr. Ray Spain, WCS Superintendent

Renee Mizelle, principal of Vaughan Elementary School, has been named the Warren County school district’s Principal of the Year for 2014-15.

As an initial teacher of Warren County Schools, Mizelle began her first five years of teaching at Mariam Boyd Elementary School. In 1996, she transferred to Vaughan Elementary School wherein she continued her passion for teaching and held other positions such as reading coach and currently as principal.

Born in Roanoke Rapids, Mizelle lived in Littleton, NC until she was four years old. Due to her father serving as pastor of various churches, Mizelle lived in several towns throughout North Carolina and Virginia. She expressed her love for teaching began at an early age.

“Ever since I was a little girl I have wanted to be a teacher,” she said. “I felt I had the gift of sharing knowledge with boys and girls in a meaningful and fun way. My friends would come over to my house and we would play school. I always knew I would go to college and teach.”

As a graduate of Murfreesboro High School in Herford County, Mizelle earned an Associate of Science degree in Pre-Education from Chowan College. She transferred to North Carolina Wesleyan College and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education. In 2007, Mizelle received her Master’s in Administration from North Carolina State University.

For the past six years Mizelle has served in the capacity as principal and describes her role as having “the best of both worlds” since she is able to interact and assist with children and adults.

“Just today I had the opportunity to teach a small group reading lesson while the teacher was out of the classroom tending to a sick child and it was great,” she added. “I mostly enjoy seeing boys and girls enter our school as kindergartners unable to recognize letters of the alphabet and then leave as mature fifth grader who can read fluently and do math computations.”

When she is not monitoring the halls and classrooms at Vaughan, Mizelle said you can find her enjoying her pastime of shopping and attending the sporting events of her two sons Ryan and Rylee.

Mizelle considers her role as principal to be an important part of the process to inspire and motivate students.

“I am honored to be named the Principal of the Year for Warren County,” she said. “As principal, I strive to be a model for my students, staff and co-workers of dedication, hard work, perseverance, and fairness. I enjoy being in a position where I can help students, teachers, parents and other principals. It is my desire to use the knowledge and experiences I have to help others be the best they can be.”

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