From the Principal

Dear Warren New Tech Students and Families,

As the proud principal of Warren New Tech High School, I firmly believe that every child deserves a high quality education in a supportive environment and here at Warren New Tech that is what we strive to offer your child each and every day.

Warren New Tech has utilized project-based learning (PBL) since our opening in 2007. PBL focuses on relevant and real-world application of learning. Students are challenged to explore different subject matter while building the 21st Century skills necessary to be successful. We believe that project-based learning is effective in preparing students for their future careers, no matter the path they elect to take. Warren New Tech is committed to deepening and expanding our implementation of project-based learning.

Warren New Tech’s core beliefs are based upon the principles of trust, respect, responsibility, and professionalism. Below you will find examples of what each means to us.

Trust: Students are often called upon to complete assignments in areas outside of their regular classroom. The teachers trust the students to be on task and work collaboratively without a facilitator being visible.

Respect: We honor our fellow students and staff members, treating others like you would want them to treat you, much akin to the “Golden Rule.”

Responsibility: Being accountable for your own actions and having a growth mindset are important to developing positive relationships with your peers and ensuring success in life.

Professionalism: Professionalism is key in being successful. Students interact with adults and outside community members on a regular basis.

Warren New Tech’s main goal is to prepare our students for the next step, whether it be college, career, or service to our nation in the military. Our young people will be taught how to craft a professional portfolio, complete college applications, and prepare for professional interviews. Additionally, students are expected to take units of college classes from Vance- Granville Community College.

We thank you for entrusting your child’s education to us. We want to work in partnership with the families of our students to ensure the success of our students. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have additional questions throughout the school year.

Brian K. Matney, Ph.D., Principal