girl getting a COVID-19 test with a mouth swab

Families must complete and submit new consent forms this year to allow your student to participate in our WeCare weekly COVID testing. Like last year, there is no cost to you or the school district for this testing. 

The COVID testing consent form is posted on your school website and our district website, at Please return a completed form for each of your students to their school by Monday, September 12.

COVID cases are on the rise again. Health professionals reiterate that vaccinations, boosters, wearing a mask, and frequent testing are the best ways to limit the spread of COVID-19. While all of these precautions are optional in our schools this year, we strongly recommend them in order to keep our students and staff healthy, so they can continue coming to school to teach and learn. 

We appreciate your cooperation on these important matters and thank you for your continued support of Warren County Schools.