Warren County Schools Online Payment Center

Warren County Schools provides online options for parents and students to pay a variety of fees online. Warren County Schools uses Square to allow payments to submitted to the district electronically. If you have questions concerning these payment options, please contact the Warren County Schools Finance Department at 252-257-3184.

Below are the fees that can be paid online and the amount of each. Click on the links located on the left of this webpage to start the payment process for various items. 


Chromebook: Distribution Fee: $20.00

Chromebook: Cracked Screen: $40.00

Chromebook: Keyboard Replacement: $30.00

Chromebook: Body/Screen Hinge: $50.00

Chromebook: Headphones connection broken off in the jack: $20.00

Chromebook: Charger Replacement: $30.00

Hot Spot: Replacement: $120.00