What is the Warren Education Fund?

The Warren Education Fund (WEF) is a local education fund established in 1986 to enhance educational opportunities for children in Warren County ‘s Public schools and to develop projects that will foster community support for local public education. It provides funds that allow school system staff members to take that extra step in the classroom and at school—educational enrichment for which tax dollars are unavailable. By lending a hand to public education, the Warren Education Fund makes a personal investment that will grow in the lives of the students it touches.

How did the Fund begin?

The Warren Education Fund began as the result of a grant from the Fund for Rural Education Enhancement (FREE), whose goals were to help rural Southeastern school systems establish education foundations. FREE furnished start-up money and technical assistance to get the Warren Education Fund off the ground. Since that time, thousands of dollars in private funds have been given to the WEF to support its various projects.

Who manages the Warren Education Fund?

Under the leadership of Warren County Schools’ superintendent and Community Schools director, a board of directors, composed of individuals who have demonstrated a special interest in education, is charged with guiding the solicitation of support for the Fund and with allocating the money it raises. The board includes local business, labor, government and civic leaders, as well as parents of Warren County students. Its decisions are based on what will best enhance the educational opportunities for Warren County ‘s public school students.

What has the Fund accomplished?

Thanks to the boost received from FREE and to the private gifts made directly to the Warren Education Fund, each year since 1986, between ten and fifteen Teacher Mini Grants have been awarded to teachers in the system to fund projects in the classroom. In addition, the Fund has awarded Teacher Enrichment Grants allowing staff to participate in training and enrichment opportunities that promote professional growth. A Support Our Students Grant, secured by the WEF, funded after school, Saturday and summer enrichment opportunities for students in grades kindergarten through eight. The Fund has honored staff at end-of-the-year recognition events and at opening-day-of-school events, and helped support Warren County ‘s first annual State of the Child Conference. School wide grants have been made to principals to support projects that directly involve students and relate to School Improvement Plans. The Fund contributed both dollars and assistance to NetDay projects in the schools, assisting with the wiring needed for schools to become Internet accessible. Each year, the Fund honors Warren County Schools’ Teacher of the Year by covering the cost for the recipient to attend a conference or professional development activity of his/her choice. All of these activities and more would have been impossible without a helping hand from the Warren Education Fund.

What are the plans for the future?

The Warren Education Fund will continue to expand the relationship between the community and the county’s public school system in two primary areas: financial support and special school-business programming partnerships. The WEF hopes that annual fundraising campaigns have emerged as activities that the community accepts as an important civic responsibility. As a result of the fundraising activities, the community ensures that system needs can be addressed through programming sponsored by the Warren Education Fund.

How can I Lend A Hand?

As a citizen interested in Warren County ‘s children, you can lend a hand by pledging your financial support to the Warren Education Fund and by volunteering your time and influence to ensure that the Fund accomplishes its goals.