WeCare COVID-19 Testing

Girl getting her cheek swabbed for COVID-19 testing

To participate in WeCare COVID-19 testing

Complete and turn in this consent form to your child's school.

Coming soon:

  • Staff vaccine requirement

  • When to come back to school

For the health and safety of our schools and community, we ask that all students and staff participate in our WeCare COVID-19 weekly testing program.

  • Voluntary for most students

  • No cost to you or Warren County Schools

  • Testing done at school every week

  • Children shown how to test themselves

  • No nose swab! Children touch the inside of their mouth with a long, skinny cotton swab

  • Results within 24-48 hours

COVID testing so easy, a child can do it!

Why your child should get tested

The weekly WeCare testing will help identify students and staff who have COVID-19, but don’t know it because they don’t have any symptoms. With the new form of the COVID-19 virus spreading so quickly, it’s important for everyone to be tested, even if they’re fully vaccinated. Anyone who tests positive will be required to stay home, so we can stop spreading this dangerous virus and keep our students and staff healthy and safe. This will also allow you to better protect your family and friends, by knowing if your child has COVID-19. 

No cost to you

The WeCare weekly, voluntary testing is free to you. For your child to be tested, complete and return the consent form. Please provide your child’s insurance information, so One Love Services can bill them directly. The federal government will cover the cost for anyone who does not have insurance. The WeCare testing service is provided at no cost to Warren County Schools.