Science and Engineering Fair winners with their awards and medals

It’s scientifically proven that these are some of the smartest, most creative, and inquisitive students in Warren County! They’ve figured out what’s better after exercise… a sports drink or orange juice? What popcorn pops the best? What makes ice melt faster? What’s the best way to remove a stain? They’ve done the experiments to find the answers! 

Congratulations to everyone who participated in their school Science and Engineering Fair. The top projects from each school competed in the Districtwide Science and Engineering Fair Friday, December 9, 2022. First place in each category have the option of advancing to the State Regional Science Fair.

Districtwide winners

Elementary School

3rd Grade
1st - Ohoud Ashaif | “Measures of Force and Gravity” | NSES
2nd - Terrence Williams | “Lava Lamps” | MBES
3rd - Lately Hardy | “The Balloon Powered Car” | MBES

4th Grade
1st - Marianne Aguilar | “A Bloody Mess and How to Clean It” | MBES
2nd - Aaden Cheek | “Denser Than You Think: All About Density” | MBES 
3rd - Madison Bruce | NSES

5th Grade
1st - Laniyah Williams | “Which Substance will Dissolve the Skittles the Fastest?” | NSES
2nd - Cemiyah Harris | NSES
3rd - Javion Richardson | “Soda Explosion” | MBES

Middle School (Junior Division)

Biological Sciences A
1st - Larry Lopez Moreno | “Effects of Different Liquids on the Growth of Plants” | WCMS

1st - Waldo Mejia | “Construct a Light Bulb” | WCMS

1st - Jayvon Bassett | “What Makes Ice Melt Faster?” | WCMS
2nd - Cameron Blackburn | “Best Way to Remove a Stain” | WCMS
3rd - Maliyah Levister | “Creating Bath Bombs” | WCMS

High School (Senior Division)

Biological Sciences A
1st - Angel Talley | “Celery Colored Water Race” | WECHS
2nd - Braelynn Cruz | “Effects of Dishwashing Soap on the Growth of Vigna radiata” | WCHS
3rd - A’sheala Jones | “Mold Growth: Warm or Cold” | WECHS

Biological Sciences B
1st - Stephanie Green | “BanDNAna” | WECHS
2nd - Morgan Davis and Zeniyah Hargrove | “Heart Rates Lab” | WNTHS
3rd - Demetrius McKinzie | “Are Your Eyes Playing Tricks on You” | WECHS

1st - Juniper Cumming | “Get Smaller Teeth” | WECHS
2nd - Adrianne Aguilar | “A Bloddy Mess!” | WECHS
3rd - Saniyah Perry | “Can you Change the Rate of Reaction by Changing the Particle Size?” | WCHS

Earth and Environmental Sciences
1st - Nicole DeSantiago | “Evaporation and PH” | WNTHS
2nd - Bradley Cunningham | “Salty to Pure” | WNTHS
3rd - Claira Broce | “Crystal Growth” | WECHS

1st - Christian Hendricks | “Fly Train” | WNTHS
2nd - Ula Ashaif | “Let’s Get Lit” | WECHS
3rd - Jonathan Boothe and Tyjee Covington | “DIY Microscope” | WCHS

1st - Eunique Loyd | “Lemon-Powered Light | WCHS
2nd - Kendall Collier | “Hot and Cold” | WNTHS
3rd - Luis Malagon-Rosas | “How Strong and Sticky Notes?” | WECHS

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