Nov. 2021 calendar with "No School" written on Nov. 12 and circled in red ink. Yellow post-it notes on calendar with red thumbtack. Post-it notes say "School Calendar Change." Warren County Schools, NC logo in a circle with a "W" in the center and  1885 at the bottom.

This week, the Board of Education approved a change to the 2021-22 school calendar, giving students off Friday, November 12, 2021. Students were already scheduled to be off Thursday, November 11 for the Veterans Day holiday. Having Friday off now provides students a four-day weekend to relax, spend time with family and friends, and focus on their personal health and emotional wellness.

Even with this change, students will receive at least 1,025 hours of instructional time this school year, meeting education requirements. Athletic coaches and school administrators may decide if they will hold athletic events, practices and extracurricular activities on November 12. Check with your student’s coach or staff advisor for schedule changes for extracurricular activities.

For staff, November 12 will be a remote work day, allowing them the opportunity to plan, reflect, and prepare for the remainder of the school year without having to be on campus that day. We also want staff to spend time focusing on their personal health and emotional wellness.

We believe happy and healthy staff and students are better able to teach and learn. Thank you for your support of Warren County Schools.