Dear Parent or Guardian:


As we approach the end of another school year, we would like to share information on the expectations for students to participate in end-of-year testing. All students enrolled in NC Math I, English II, Biology, and NC Math III are expected to take the end-of-course tests as required by federal and state laws.  EOC scores count 20% of student’s final course grades. 

Unfortunately, it is not possible to have students take these tests at home; therefore students will take these tests in person at their respective schools. It is crucial for students to be in attendance on their scheduled test dates.  Listed below are the testing dates for Warren County High School.




June 5

1st period EOCs

June 6

2nd period EOCs

June 7

3rd period EOCs

June 8

4th period EOCs

June 9



Only students who are being tested on the designated days in the above schedule should attend school on those days.  Students who are not testing on the designated days should not attend school and will be coded with excused absences.

If your child is not proficient on his or her End of Grade Assessments and is eligible for summer remediation and summer testing you will be notified by your child’s school. Through summer testing, school and district proficiency rates should increase. The following bullets explain the process for summer remediation and testing.

  • Parents will be notified by letter if their child is eligible for summer remediation and summer testing.
  • Participation is voluntary and students are held harmless if they do not participate.
  • The school day will begin at 8:00 am for all schools with a 2:00 pm early release.
  • Transportation will be provided.
  • It will be crucial for students to be on time for remediation and for testing.
  • If students do not attend the full day of remediation they cannot participate in summer testing.
  • Breakfast and lunch will be provided at no cost to students.
  • Only students who are eligible to remediate and participate in summer testing will come to school on the specified date(s). 
  • There will be no makeup days for remediation and for summer testing.
  • The schedule is as follows:

English II

Remediation: June 15

Summer Test:  June 16

NC Math I and NC Math 3

Remediation: June 12

Summer Test:  June 13


Remediation: June 14

Summer Test:  June 15


 If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me via email at  or at 252-257-4413.




Elaine Hanzer
Interim Principal
Warren County High School