Eagle families,

Because we want to build and maintain transparency and trust within our school community, we want to make you aware of an incident that affected our school today.

Around 12:30 p.m., we received a tip that a student had a weapon in their vehicle on campus. We immediately notified local law enforcement and directed staff to keep all students in their classrooms. 

Law enforcement officials quickly located and confiscated the weapon inside a student’s locked vehicle in the parking lot. It was never brought into our school. There was no indication the student intended to harm anyone, nor did the student threaten anyone. The lockdown lasted less than an hour and then we returned to our normal schedule. 

We take student safety extremely seriously. Federal student privacy laws prohibit us from sharing specific information about students, but you can be assured that appropriate disciplinary action in accordance with our district policy is being taken in this matter. While each situation is looked at individually, disciplinary action can include long-term suspension or expulsion from school and criminal prosecution. 

Please talk with your student about the importance of keeping weapons out of our school. Remind your student that bringing anything that could be considered a weapon on campus or on a school bus is a very serious offense - even if it’s just a toy weapon. It will not be tolerated at Warren County High School. 

We also want to sincerely thank the brave and responsible person who reported their concerns about a possible weapon on campus today. We all must share the responsibility of keeping our school safe. Please stress to your student that their role is if they see something, say something. If you or your student has information to share about situations that cause you concern or could pose a safety risk, please contact an administrator or other school staff member directly so we can respond quickly and appropriately to protect everyone’s safety. 

We greatly appreciate the relationship we have with local law enforcement in responding to such situations. They work closely with us every day to ensure the safety of our students and staff.

Know that we will continue to take every measure to ensure the safety of our students and staff. Thank you for your continued support of Warren County High School, where Eagles expect to win.