Computer screen displaying a picture of woman with two female high school students smiling. Text: Parents' Bill of rights.

To comply with the requirements of N.C. Session Law 2023-106 (SB 49), which creates a new Chapter 114A of the General Statutes titled "Parents' Bill of Rights" and also amends Chapter 115C of the General Statutes to add new requirements for schools regarding parental guides and notifications, staff is presenting several policy changes for the board's consideration. These policy considerations will also require review and input by the public.  

 Through consultation with the North Carolina School Boards' Association, seven (7) policies have been identified that require updates based on N.C. Session Law 2023-106. These policies and the recommended changes are being shared for review by both the board and public.  

The board will be asked to provide final approval of these statutorily mandated policy changes at its final regular board meeting of the year on Tuesday, December 12.

Proposed Policy Changes

What do you think?

Please provide your feedback on the proposed policy changes using this form no later than 12pm on Monday, December, 11th.

Read a Summary of the Parents' Bill of Rights.