Shows science and engineering tools and symbols to spell Science and Engineering Fair. Warren County Schools, NC. 1885

Ever wonder...

  • Is it really ok to eat food off the floor following the 5 second rule? 
  • What's a fun and creative way to turn on your holiday lights? 
  • How do hydraulics work? 

Our young scientists and engineers know the answers to these questions and more!

Friday, judges picked the winners of our annual District-wide Virtual Science and Engineering Fair. Check the fair website for a list of the winners and to view the school-level winning projects. The first place district-wide winners are now eligible to compete in the North Carolina 3A Regionals Science and Engineering Fair in February in Durham.

Great job, scientists and engineers! Now, please come help us with our holiday lights. 🙏 🎄

District-wide winners

3rd Grade

First Prize

  • Za'Kee Jones (MBES) "Got Milk, Make Plastic"

Second Prize

  • Marianne Ces V. Aguilar (NSK8) "Christmas Light Switch Goldberg Machine"

4th Grade

First Prize

  • Matthew Hulbert (NSK8) "What Makes Things Glow?"

Second Prize

  • Jhai Gibbs (VES) "Sink or Float"

5th Grade

First Prize (Tie)

  • Ameerah Steed, (Virtual Academy) "Practice vs. Progress"
  • Madison Aycock (NSK8) "Rubberband Car"

Second Prize

  • Anna Grace Paynter (VES) "Face Masks or Social Distancing?"

Junior Division (Middle School Grades 6-8)

First Prize for Biological Science A

  • Mariah Harris (NSK8) "Comparing Lung Capacity"

First Prize for Chemistry

  • Kyla Evans "Exposure of Baby Food and the Degree of Contamination"

First Prize for Earth & Environmental Science

  • Juniper Cumming (WCMS) "I Don't Know That Dirt Looks Dead to Me"

Senior Division (High School Grades 9-12)

First Prize for Chemistry

  • Kristen Labra-Franco (WECHS) "Milk Into Plastic"

First Prize for Biological Science A

  • Angeline De Leon (WECHS) "What is the Best Homemade Pesticide for Ladybugs?"

Second Prize for Biological Science A

  • Qamar Shami (WECHS) "Does Picking Up Fallen Food in Five Seconds or Less Prevent ..."

Third Prize for Biological Science A

  • Josh Tucker, Jackson Adcock & Cole Stegal (WNTHS) "Does the PH of Pond Water Affect What Grows Around It?"

First Prize for Engineering

  • Raleigh Pierce (WECHS) "How Hydraulics Function"

Second Prize for Engineering

  • Judith Reyes-Gomez (WECHS) "Candle Carousel"

First Prize for Physics & Mathematics

  • Jayshawn Powell (WNTHS) "Hot Masks"